Transforming lives and communities.

Are you ready to move beyond benevolence and work toward building life-changing relationships with those who are struggling within your community? Through Love INC, churches are equipped to work together, across denominational lines, to provide coordinated holistic care. Care that not only addresses immediate concerns, but helps our neighbors develop the social and emotional support needed to overcome the root causes of recurrent problems, and live into their God-given potential.

What does partnership look like?

For Love INC

Assisting churches to go beyond benevolence to offering relational and holistic care.

Helping the community and churches break through stereotypes, connecting them to work well together.

Receiving and reviewing requests for assistance and making referrals to church and community resources.

Identifying new ministry opportunities to meet gaps in community help and services.

Lessening the strain on any one church by organizing churches to work together.

For Churches

Living out the two greatest commandments to love God and to love their neighbors.

Engaging the God-given gifts and resources of people in the service of others.

Providing opportunities for people to exercise and grow in their faith.

Serving their community in specific, manageable, and meaningful ways.

Connecting and working with other churches in the community.

Inviting people to grow in faith.

It looks like transformed lives and communities.

Ready to get started?

Contact us at or 616.895.5683 to learn more.

Our Partner Churches

Christian churches from across at least six denominations partner together to form a Love INC. Within these partnerships, Love INC serves as the scaffolding upon which greater growth is possible. However, it is the Christians in these churches who model Christ’s love and answer God’s call to serve. Working together as the body of Christ, we can best love and serve our community.

All Shores (Coopersville)

Allendale Baptist

Bauer CRC

Bauer Community Fellowship

Bauer Seventh Day Adventist

Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan

Borculo CRC

Berlin Baptist

Central Family Worship

Christian Fellowship Assembly

Church of the Savior

Conklin Reformed

Coopersville Bible Church

Coopersville CRC

Coopersville Reformed

Coopersville UMC

Cornerstone URC

Countyline Community Church

Eastmanville URC

Faith URC

First Allendale CRC

Georgetown Christian Fellowship

Georgetown Grace

Grace Lutheran

Grace Protestant Reformed

Grand Valley Baptist

Lamont CRC

Lamont Community Church

Life West

Life Tree Community


Lighthouse Community

Little Farms Chapel

Marne UMC

North Blendon CRC

North Blendon Reformed

Ottawa Center Chapel

Ottawa Reformed

Remembrance Reformed

Riverside Christian

Robinson Baptist

Robinson Grace

Rusk CRC

Second CRC (Allendale)

Spring Valley Community

St. John Lutheran

St. Luke’s University Parish

St. Mary’s

St. Michael’s

Standale Reformed

Trinity CRC

Valley Church

Walker United Reformed

Wright Seventh Day Adventist